Outside the Tap Lines: Infusco Coffee Roasters

If you’ve been to the brewery lately or happen to frequent our Facebook page, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Infusco Coffee Roasters–whether on a poster, at a tasting, or bursting in flavor from Mr. Hyde, our Sumatran cream stout made with coffee from Infusco. Today in Outside the Tap Lines, we’re going to further introduce you to this unique business.


Rich Siri and Seth Vander Ark started Infusco Coffee Roasters in 2011, but both have been coffee enthusiasts since high school. Master Roaster Rich has been roasting his own coffee beans for over a year now and the two of them kick-started the business to share their passion for the art of roasting coffee beans with the caffeine-fueled public (decaf lovers are welcome, too!). With a 70-lb. vintage coffee roaster in tow, Infusco’s goal is to get fresh-roasted, single-origin coffee beans into your hands as close to the roast date as possible; something that absolutely sets them apart from everyday coffee beans/grounds.


So what’s happening with Infusco now? A TON. Yesterday, they started moving equipment into a new space in Sawyer where they’ll do all of their roasting. Then, this weekend, Rich and his wife Stacey are heading to Kenya (yep, you read that right–Kenya) to source and purchase coffee beans directly from a tribe there.


If you want to get to know Infusco a better yourself, stop by the brewery this Saturday and following Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to sample a variety of brews, grab a cup to go, or pick up a sample bag of coffee beans to enjoy in your own home. This week, on January 21, they’ll be offering samples from the following roasted beans: Sumatra, Brazil Santos (previously only available in limited supply), Ethiopian Sidamo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a brand new decaffeinated Sumatra that boasts an all natural, chemical-free decaffeination process.


For more information and to stay in-the-know about Infusco, “like” them on Facebook and keep an eye on their website.


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