Outside the Tap Lines: Bare Hands Brewery

Patrons and brewers alike are fully aware that brewing is a labor of love. Chris Gerard of Bare Hands Brewery in Granger, Indiana may know it better than anyone right now. Less than two months into opening Bare Hands, Chris and crew are cranking out beer as fast as they can produce it and STILL running out of stuff like their distinctive Thai.P.A in mere days.

One of our most memorable encounters with Bare Hands was at the South Bend Beer Festival last October. It was an absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm Fall day (for our neck of the woods, anyway). Out of everything, the one beer that Jill and I kept going back for more of? Bare Hands’ Thai.P.A., of course. We’ve seen members of the crew at Greenbush a number of times and a few of us finally made our way to Granger last weekend for a visit.

You’ll be excited to know that Bare Hands is magically close to Sawyer–a mere 30-ish miles as the crow flies (35ish as the car drives). The brewery is located on Sandy Court off of Princess Way–if you think you’ve gone the wrong way, don’t worry, you’re probably on the right track. Tucked away among office spaces, it’s the one with inviting dining-room-style tables and chairs inside. The space itself is very DIY and, frankly, rocks. In a very warm, unassuming way. With music from a variety of jam bands playing throughout the space and Umphrey’s McGee tour posters on the wall, the place definitely has a great, chill vibe.

Oh, you want to know about the beer? It’s good. It’s very good. When we went in, the guys had 6 brews on tap and added a 7th by the time we left. Chris’s attitude seems to be, “I’m just going to brew it,” as in, rather than brew smaller pilot batches, he goes full-on–his new Black IPA is an example. I thought the Russian Imperial Stout was excellent not to mention it was one of the four beers on tap over 9% ABV. We certainly share a proclivity for high-gravity beers. Their Black Ale was also very good, nice and roasty with medium body.

With Chris brewing like a mad man three days each week, the taproom hours are as follows: Wednesday & Thursday 3-10 p.m., Friday 3 p.m.-midnight, Saturday noon-midnight and Sunday noon-6 p.m.

Bare Hands Brewery
12804 Sandy Ct.
Granger, Indiana 46530


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