Outside the Tap Lines: David’s Delicatessen

Just south of Greenbush in Sawyer, the town of New Buffalo is home to many of our favorite small businesses. One such place is David’s Delicatessen, located right smack in the middle of it all on Whittaker Street. Open for seven-plus years and owned by Joe Lindsay and Emma Brewster for nearly two years (anniversary in April!), David’s is the perfect place to pop in for stellar deli sandwiches, coffee, breakfast and plenty more.

For purposes of blogging accuracy, of course, I stopped by David’s today to pick up a couple sandwiches and an iced coffee (thank you, 60+ degree weather in March!). At Joe’s direction, I went for the traditional David’s Reuben with corned beef, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing, and then he quizzed me to conjure up the best combo for my second sandwich–the result was an off-the-menu BLT with a fried egg and harissa mayonnaise. Hello, delicious!! Both were superb, and it’s way cool to hear that Joe and Emma are going to be changing up the menu a bit with creative sandwiches like the aforementioned super-BLT. I also got a preview of an ingredient that you’ll someday see in a vegan sandwich at David’s… bacon pickles. Be still my heart, these smoky pickle slices were damn tasty.

A couple weeks ago, Joe and Emma came into the brewery to help brew a special beer specifically for St. Patrick’s Day–an earthy rye stout we like to call Penitence. They’ll be serving it at their second annual Corned Beef Off and Give Back on March 17 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. (or until food runs out) at the shop in New Buffalo. What, exactly, does this Corned Beef Off entail, you ask? Emma filled me in when I stopped by today–for $10 you can come in to sample as many corned beef sandwiches as your heart desires. Yep, you heard right. Eat up corned beef sandwiches galore, with hundreds of pounds of brisket coming from Chicago, Detroit, New York City, New Buffalo (shout out to Local!) and more, then vote for your favorite–and get a chance to win a free sandwich.

While it’s certainly true that Emma and especially Joe love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the event is a fundraiser for the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago. Half of the proceeds from the door, as well as a silent auction, will benefit the group in honor of Joe’s aunt Kathy, who underwent a life-saving lung transplant after being diagnosed with COPD in August 2009. We hope everyone makes it down to New Buffalo to support this cause and delicious event. Be sure to wash down all those sandwich samples with a pint or two of Penitence or a complimentary glass of Green River soda.

If you can’t make it to the St. Patrick’s Day event, fear not! David’s is open every day of the week, serving up excellent food and drinks–check out their Facebook page for more details on hours of operation and the like.


2 thoughts on “Outside the Tap Lines: David’s Delicatessen

  1. To all you great people at Greenbush I have enjoyed imbibing with all your great brews. Tastes a lot better that the stuff I made with my aunt Jo and Grandma Collins while they reminisced about all the times they brewed in the basement during prohibition. I certainly am looking forward to the 17th. Thanks for brewing-up the perfect compliment to what is sure to be an awesome event.
    Aunt Kathy

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