In the Plant: Half-Pint Jones Brew Day

We’re coming up on our year anniversary, and it’s been a pretty cool time of reflection, looking straight ahead, and planning for the immediate future. Basically it rocks. One of the things that has been so amazing about our first year in business, and has definitely helped keep us buzzworthy, is the numerous collaborations we’ve done. From Cleetus Friedman to SmallBar and back again, we’ve loved working with different chefs and owners. It’s kept us on our toes, and brewing experimental brews all year.

Now it’s time for a different kind of collaboration. Anyone who’s been to Greenbush knows that we’re passionate about our music, be it Scott or Jill, Justin or Jen, Jake or Carlos. We all have very serious and specific things we like, and making a beeline for the computer when it’s time to change an album is sometimes the most hilarious sight you can see in our little taproom. Which is why we were so pumped to be able to brew a special collaboration with the local band Half-Pint Jones in honor of their new, self-titled, and 3rd album. (Full disclosure: HPJ’s bass player may or may not be married to The Ambassador.)

The band finds itself rooted to New Orleans and the NOLA style of music, and knew they wanted to brew a beer that would nod to those roots. Scott’s wanted to brew a Toasted Pecan beer since before we opened. And as all good collaborations seem to go, a recipe was born. The guys, of course, wanted to come be part of the process, so a few Wednesdays ago they did just that. It was the first brew cycle for each of the guys, and under Joe’s incredible tutelage, they learned from the best.

Justin dispersing the pecans

Toasted pecans!

Measuring out the grain

Commence sparging

Sparge on, brothers

Only Jayson would smile this much while shoveling mash

That's more like it, Justin

It's almost beer!

Checkin' the original gravity (enlarge to see the awesome look on Carlos's face)

The end of a very happy brew day!

The band will be launching the beer, Lagniappe, and their new album “Half Pint Jones” on May 12 at the Golden Gnome in South Bend. The bar will have plenty of Lagniappe on tap, and aside from the GB taproom, will likely be the only other bar to get this nutty, slightly crisp, clean ale. At 6.2% abv, it’s pretty darned drinkable, and will likely rock the roof off the Golden Gnome.

After the band does, of course.

For more info, please visit


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