Brew News: May Edition

Happy May Day! We are gearing up for a VERY busy month. Lots of moving things around in the taproom and brewery, another collaboration (happening as I type), and events up the wazoo from the Half-Pint Jones CD release party to taking over Chicago during Chicago Craft Beer Weeks. Details, you ask? I got your details right here.

Our very own Ellie! Brewing!

Where else would we kick off than with what’s happening today? Pat and Ellie Mullins, ye of Local awesomeness, are in the brewery collaborating on a Malt Liquor. Pat enlightened me with some of the “history” of Malt Liquor. The first mention of the brew was in London in 1640. Nowadays, it refers to any fortified alcoholic beverage, generally beer, over 8% ABV.  Anyway… it’s cool because they’re brewing with frosted flakes and because they came armed with bagels, cream cheese, duck rillette, Brass Monkies (malt liquor + orange juice) and much, much more.

Next week we’re participating in a couple awesome events in South Bend, Indiana–a beer dinner at Club LaSalle on May 10 and a beer launch at the Half-Pint Jones CD release party at the Golden Gnome on May 12. The first event will have the amazing people at Club LaSalle pairing five Greenbush beers with a fantastic menu (see below), as well as a beer brewed exclusively for the “after party.” To make a reservation, call 574-288-1155. Get your seats before they sell out (because they surely will)!

Jill wrote all about the Half-Pint Jones collaboration brew here at Greenbush in a blog post last month, but just to remind you, the Toasted Pecan Ale will make its debut on May 12 at the band’s “Half Pint Jones” CD release party. You’ll likely catch the beer, Lagniappe, on tap at Greenbush soon, as well.

The latter half of the month, Greenbush will rockin’ all over Chicago during Chicago Craft Beer Week (May 17-27). Here’s the current rundown on events we’re participating in:

Click on the links for more information about each event or check out our calendar to view the lineup. There are a few more events currently in the works–stay tuned to our Facebook page for details as we have them.

More on the taproom side of the news, you’ve probably heard us talk about the forthcoming expansion. This month we’re also working our butts off getting the space ready for a larger taproom with much more seating. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, for which we anticipate bursting at the seams with great people in a great atmosphere.

Last, I can’t forget to mention the bevy of birthdays this month. Boss Lady Jill’s husband Jayson, super bartender Lindsey, designated Chicago-sports-minus-the-White-Sox fan Jen (that’s me!) AND pit master/grease burner Joel. It’s a celebration, beer drinkers.


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