In the Plant: A Tale of Two Brews

Chicago Craft Beer Week is less than 24 hours from kickoff and we’re putting it into overdrive with all the beer preparations. But not so long ago, in a galaxy that pretty much just covers the stretch between Southwest Michigan and Chicagoland, two brewers put their heads together to create two brews specially for Chicago Craft Beer Week. Of course, I could only be talking about Sock Monkey and Rubber Chicken, two IPAs with much in common but for a few small but significant differences.

Sock Monkey–a Citra IPA brewed with West coast ale yeast and mangoes–was was born on April 20 this year, brewed at Greenbush Brewing Co. in Sawyer by Haymarket’s Pete Crowley and crew. Its counterpart is called Rubber Chicken–another Citra IPA, this time brewed with Belgian ale yeast and oranges, brewed at Haymarket Pub & Brewery in Chicago. The following is a story in pictures… mostly of our crew’s adventures and misadventures in the Windy City.


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