Outside the Tap Lines: 90 Degree Day Dreams

There’s a heat wave happening in the Midwest right now, and those of us that love summer are nothing if not totally excited. It’s warm, the sky is blue, and most importantly, OUR PATIO IS OPEN! It’s true, we’ve joined the ranks of our other Harbor Country Resort Town friends, and have a beautiful, 22-seat patio, ready and waiting.

With that, we tend to go for different beers in the summer, especially during days like this when you’re outside, sweating and drinking, drinking and sweating. It goes without saying that Sunspot was brewed specifically for days like this. Hefeweizens in general are refreshing and delightful, and we love how Sunspot quenches the sun-worshiping thirst most of us have while working outside in our freaking fabulous lawn chairs. (Those of you who have witnessed the glory are jealous, you know you are.)

But as the state of beer goes, often you tire a bit of drinking your own beer. We drink Sunspot a lot. At 8am, testing the gravity and carbonation level. At noon when the doors open and we’re feeling a bit peckish, and at 7pm when we try and leave with frosty bottles of goodness. At times, we crave other people’s brews, and summer is absolutely no exception.

A poll of the Poobahs Major and Minor, aka Scott, Justin, Jill, Carlos and Jen has led to the following information. If you haven’t tried our favorites? You should, they’re obviously awesome if we love them! More importantly, share with us the virtues of your favorite (non-Greenbush, naturally) beer to drink in the summer.

And most importantly, we look forward to sharing a pint of Sunspot with you on our patio. Hopefully you’ll look as chill and cool as Carlos.

Scott Sullivan. Owner. Brewer: Geary’s Pale Ale. Not just for the lobster on the label.

Justin Heckathorn. Owner. FOO: Founder’s Centennial IPA. Not because he lives down the street, he promises.

Jill Sites. Owner. Ambassador of Everything: A tie between Blue Point’s Toasted Lager and Three Floyd’s Jinx Proof. (Yes, since I’m writing this blog post, I get to choose two.) Not because I’m somewhat of a lightweight, I swear. Nor because the tattoo artwork of Jinx Proof is bad ass.

Joe “Carlos” Hinman. Head Brewer. Plant Manager: Keewenaw Pick Axe Blonde. Not just because it’s in a can, though that’s part of it.

Jennifer Piotter. Marketing Director (Poobah Minor): Boston Beer Works’ Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale. Not because the Red Sox bring her to Yawkey Way (because she didn’t jump on that bandwagon).


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