From The Desk of The Ambassador: Holiday Edition

Hello there! My oh my it has been a little bit of time since I actually wrote an entire post for our happy little blog. That’s right. It’s a happy little blog, with happy little trees, and happy little guys hiding…oh wait, that’s Bob Ross. Anyway.

With the exception of the fact that I’d much rather be laying on a beach than bundling up, this is my favorite time of year. The leaves changed nicely, business is booming, and my favorite holidays are upon us. I love this time of year. I love gift giving, I love celebrations. We end the year, we celebrate the love we have for each other, and people kick the living crap out of one another to get the best deal humanly possible on a flat screen TV. Ah, The Holidays.

Last year, we began this epic tradition of having a holiday party. Feliz Mazel Tov was born out of Scott’s excitement over decorating our space, Jen’s thrilling collection of holiday-themed headbands, and the need to share a bunch of really cool beer with everyone. We expected about 25. We think 150 showed up, many in ugly sweaters ready for Barrel-Aged madness.

If you’re reading this, you may know us pretty well. We don’t do things small. We bring way too many giant beers to beer fests, and brew beers with 50lbs of frosted flakes. Translation? We’re planning ahead for our December 8 fiesta. We’re closing the taproom at 4pm, and tickets will be going on sale at noon on Wednesday, November 21, aka Thanksgiving Eve, aka the biggest bar night of the year. We’ll be posting the ticket links on FACEBOOK ONLY, so make sure you check. There is a special price break for Friends with Benefits, and a special entrance time. Tickets include the ability to cross our threshold and holiday snacks galore.

The night is shaping up to be a bit crazy, kind of like “Scott on Steroids.” Small batches (including a Gelt Stout from yours truly), Sneak Peeks of Delusion, Winter Seasonals and more will grace a number of taps. Joel and the Kitchen Dudes are whipping up a menu of snacks that rivals Grandma’s Christmas Buffet, and Jen promises to rock a stellar pair of elf ears.
Oh, and did we mention there will be super special, super limited Feliz Mazel Tov t-shirts designed by our very own Ryan Beach?

Getting excited yet? Because we are. Looking forward to celebrating the holiday season with some of our favorite people…YOU!

Feliz Mazel Tov,

Jill “The Ambassador of Everything” Sites


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