Get Your Run On!

DFP copyAnd people think all we do is drink beer and eat meat. Hardly! You see, we, the owners, actually really care about the fitness and wellness of our employees. Scott, Justin and I have been tossing around the idea of a wellness program since before we opened our doors, but we’ve been a little busy tossing Anger and Brisket Sandwiches down your throats to get any programs in gear.

No more! A few days ago we internally announced that we’re going to run (some of us) the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank International Half Marathon on October 20! The run goes from Detroit to Windsor and back again, and at least 12 GB staffers are already training for the 13 mile haul through the tunnel and over the bridge.

But we care about our friends, family and customers too! Interested in joining us? Anyone that runs with Team GB gets a special Greenbush half marathon t-shirt to represent as you run your heart out. Want to train “with us?” This crew is training with the Runkeeper app, so feel free to “friend” them on there. There will also be quite a few of us (ahem, this Ambassador) cheering on the runners and having a really good time, so if you’re more  the spectator type, and either local or want to get yourself to the east side, go for it!

Basically you can do everything with us but sleep on our floor. And no, don’t even ask. No, seriously, don’t.

We’re working on a post-event brunch somewhere local and since it’s the week before Detroit Beer Fest, we just might rock your worlds by bringing one or two (you know us, it might be more like 5) of our super secret beer fest offerings.

Oh, and since it’s post-race, we have to launch a new beer called “Rehydrator” right? We’re taking suggestions on the best recipe, so feel free to let us know in the comments what your thoughts are!

Registration for the marathon is going to sell out fast, so we recommend getting yourselves in NOW. Don’t forget, it’s the INTERNATIONAL half marathon. Let us know if you’re in… we’ll be doing a head count for t-shirts, and we’re excited to rep GB big time!

Get your wellness on.

– Jill


5 thoughts on “Get Your Run On!

  1. If you guys are going to have Greenbush training shirts for sale would love to get one. I’m doing the Chicago Marathon the week before so I won’t be in any shape to run that one.

  2. Phew, the current registration fee is a little rich for my blood, not to mention I’m doing a half in September already, but best of luck training and running! Maybe next year when I can register in January. Happy running!

  3. Just so everyone knows you MUST have a passport. Or you will not be able to run! This was an amazing run last year. It was actually on my birthday! This years is the day before my birthday so im hoping to be able to join you all!!! 🙂

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