Behind the Scenes: “The Cellarman’s Half-Dozen”

7 Pack - Alternative.Still001Good ideas often start over beer… oh wait, we’ve heard that one before. But it’s rings true again–the Greenbush 7-pack idea was born out of a day of sales calls to some of our wonderful Michigan accounts. Aaron, our Director of Development and Thursday night bartender extraordinaire, caught wind of a press release about a craft beer’s continued foray into canned beer, the latest to the party slated to sit on the shelves alongside the likes of 15-, 24- and 30-packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Busch Light… etc., etc. Now, we have no beef with canned beer, but it’s not something we’re into right now. And we probably won’t ever be into 12- or 15-pack cans. But what about…. a 7-pack of bottles? That’s something we could get into.

Emails were fervently exchanged, market research was questioned and, ultimately, a plan to produce a video announcing what we were now dubbing “the cellarman’s half-dozen” was hatched. Given the amount of love we have for the creators of The Michigan Beer Film, reaching out to the folks at Rhino Media in Kalamazoo was a no-brainer. Everyone discussed their apprehensions, mostly related to the potential backlash and the question of whether or not people get the joke, but we decided to carry on.

When it came time to shoot the video in mid-March, Scott and Aaron provided a loose script and few ideas about filming locations. Multiple places in the brewery were obvious choices–at the bar and by the bottling line–but what would serve as the “lab”? And the retail testimonial–who would we tap for that? The lab you saw where we were testing different ways to attach the 7th bottle and assemble a case? That’s one of our “offices”–ya know, the kind with a plywood table that we all gather around when we’re not working in the taproom. The liquor store? That was Lambrecht’s Liquors in St. Joseph, MI–a great supporter of ours with the built-in-win factor of the dryest sense of humor and most believable delivery from our friend, Rick Cooper. And the duct tape? Duck Brand solid colors and mustache designs, natch.

But the best of the behind-the-scenes had to be all the laughs, screw ups and improvisation that happened on that wonderful March day. And with that, Rhino Media and Greenbush proudly give you…. The Cellarman’s Half-Dozen Gag Reel.

And in case you missed the original or need some more laughs, here’s the April Fool’s Day gem.


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