Behind the Bush: Chris Reisetter

"Pondering the epic mash ahead of him" -greenbushcellar

“Pondering the epic mash ahead of him” -greenbushcellar

Let’s talk about Chris, shall we? Chris started working in the cellar here in April 2012 and only 3 short months later he was a cellarman turned brewer (so basically a bad ass). He’s the type of dude you want to know, be friends with, work with and really just do anything and everything with. He has a killer attitude, fresh beer ideas, is always up for helping out on an unexpected project (no matter what it may be) and when it comes to t-shirts he knows what’s up.  A favorite Chris memory of mine (Emily here) is post Winter Beer Fest 2014 dinner at Grand Rapids Brewing Co. He loved each beer so much he couldn’t wait to try another. He had 2-3 beers in front of him at all times and would have the most genuine and enthusiastic reactions to each and every one. He’s very passionate about what he does and isn’t shy about expressing his feelings on good beer as soon as it hits his lips. Being on the same end of the table as him also meant tripling up on the buffalo cauliflower appetizer which definitely didn’t suck. I’ve seemed to get slightly sidetracked (and suddenly hungry) so I’ll let Chris take it from here…

What do you do at Greenbush? 
I am the mid-day brewer AKA wort wizard.

How’d you get involved with the brewery?
I had been home-brewing for over 10 years and always wanted to get into brewing for a living.  A cellarman position opened up and Nikki convinced me to quit my old job. In case you’re wondering, it was a good decision.

What time is happy hour for you?

You’re on a deserted island and can only have one case of mass-produced domestic beer dropped to you—what do you pick?  

What’s your favorite non-Greenbush beverage to drink?
Dark & Stormy (Gosling’s), because it is so delicious.

What’s been your most memorable Greenbush experience thus far?
There are way too many to count…but this one time, at winter beer fest…

What do your friends think about all this madness?
They think that it’s pretty awesome, and so do I.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Probably an astronaut or drummer, that was a long time ago. I am just fine with being a brewer.

If you were a Greenbush beer, which would you be and why?
Closure. It’s my favorite to drink and brew.

What’s your favorite food? 
Duh, pizza.

Where do you think you and Greenbush will be in 5 years?

If you only had one item you could take with you to work, what would it be and why?
Dumb answer, but it would be my phone. I use it to keep track of my brew shift (hop additions etc.) and it supplies tunes for my brew shift too.

What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever visited?
Some random frat house in college. [Ed’s note: Chris knows how to keep it classy.]

Chicago or Michigan sports teams (or Indiana if you’re crazy)?
Chicago, but I don’t really watch or participate in sporting activities, except skateboarding.

Did you have a favorite brewery before Greenbush opened? If so, what and why?
I have always loved what the dudes up at Short’s are doing and the state of Michigan is just kicking ass in general.

What’s on your nightstand? 
An empty (or sometimes half full/half empty) pint glass or bottle from the night before.

How many beers do you drink in a typical day?

Rhapsody Hero (where you try to pick the WORST song for everyone to enjoy)—what’s your pick?
Duh, Creed – Arms Wide Open.

What’s it like being engaged to the GM of Greenbush?
She is super awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend my days getting old with! She puts up with all of my hobbies and general nerdiness. [Ed’s note: Awwwwwwwww]

Describe your dream scooter.
1965 Vespa SS180. But really my dream Vespa is parked behind the brewery and I already own it. It is a 1974 Vespa Rally 200 with lots of go fast racing parts. By the way, your scooter sucks.


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