Change in Season, Change in Menu

Sometimes it’s even hard for me to remember Greenbush circa 2011. I’m talking Greenbush before the expansions, before there were 80 employees, before there were 2 tap towers, before there was the Annex for overflow and merch needs, etc. etc. My point is that there have been lots of changes over the 3.5 years of operation on Sawyer Road– which any of our GB faithful are well aware of. One of the bigger changes over the years is our food program. Let’s talk about that transformation for a bit…

When we first opened we didn’t even have food of our own, but allowed people to bring outside food in to enjoy alongside their beer. After a bit we had small snacks to offer like pretzels & pub cheese, chips & dip and spiced nuts. Then there was the phase of random weekend specials like sandwiches, chilli, etc. Then the toaster oven with a handful of sandwich options that your BARTENDER would run back and make for you (now a full kitchen staff of over a dozen!!!). Then we added some “appetizers”.  Then BBQ ran 7 days a week rather than weekends only. Then we started making our own bacon. I could go on, but you get the idea. From starting out with no food whatsoever we have now upgraded our kitchen and have been going strong with a FULL menu for some time now. With the full menu we like to change things up a bit here and there, but keep the “core stuff” (for lack of better term).

With all that being said– our most recent change was inspired by our transition into another frigid and unpredictable Michigan winter. This called for cold-weather comfort foods. These foods are bound to fill your belly with happiness and when eaten in excess, actually make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t fear the changes, embrace them! Next time you find yourself in the taproom googling at our menu, don’t settle for your usual. Pick something new! There’s lots of tastiness to choose from.


IMG_1662Inspiration: Louisiana take on pork rinds, which is where we first got our mouths on these during our journey to pick up the Brisket Van– easy snackin’ and good beer pairin’.   Description: fried cubes of cured, skin-on pork belly dusted with house Cajun rub                                                 Beer Pairings: Anger, Pain, Dunegras




Inspiration: another take on pork belly, our way of trying to incorporate the flavor portrayed from the classic image of a pig with an apple in its mouth.                                           Description: seared brick of cured, skin-on pork belly served over apple butter & topped with arugula, red onion & apple vinaigrette                     Beer Pairings: VanderBush, Mulehead, Remnant of Dragon


IMG_1639Inspiration: poutine is a hot topic and a popular mouth pleasure these days. This is our spin on it. No fries or cheese curds, but still all the goodness!                                 Description: cheesy Yukon Gold potato croquettes smothered with bacon gravy & topped with a sunny-side up egg.                                       Beer pairings: P.H.D., 2 Biggie, Helmet of Remnar


IMG_1640Inspiration: bringing the seafood element back to our menu as well as incorporating the celebration of preservation. (AND THOSE COLORS!)                                       Description: cured wild-caught, sustainable Atlantic salmon, sliced thin & layered with pickled beets, arugula, marinated onions, olive oil & balsamic vinegar reduction.                                  Beer Pairings: 1825, Yogi Borealis, Dunegras, Unicorn Killer


IMG_1642Inspiration: let’s be honest– you missed it, we missed it, so we brought it back. This time around it’s more honest with the okra presence & with crawfish rather than shrimp to bring a taste of the South to Sawyer.                Description: crawfish tails, smoked chicken & andouille sausage served in a dark roux sauce with okra, onions, jalapeno peppers, roasted bell peppers & white rice.                     Beer Pairings: Anger, Broken Promises, Apathy



Inspiration: ya just really can’t go wrong with pasta???                                                                 Description: cavatappi pasta tossed with an array of vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese.                                Beer Pairings: Brother Benjamin, Mr. Hyde, Retribution



IMG_1643Inspiration: well balanced harvest meal meets Spanish farmers skillet & a great excuse to make chorizo.               Description: fried chopped sweet potatoes tossed with house chorizo sausage, kale & apple vinaigrette, topped with cheddar & Parmesan cheese.                                             Beer Pairings: Unicorn Killer, Mulehead, Remnant of Dragon, Anger


IMG_1594Inspiration: traditional dish from Kentucky history invented for hangovers. It will bring you back to life or put you back to bed.                                             Description: open-faced Texas toast topped with smoked turkey, bacon, tomatoes, white cheddar cheese, Mornay sauce & a sunny-side up egg.       Beer Pairings: Anger, Distorter, Mr. Hyde, 2 Biggie


IMG_1663Inspiration: a lot of thought goes into our vegetarian dishes. The idea is to come up with something that sounds so tasty that a meat lover would actually be attracted to ordering a vegetarian option.                           Description: roasted butternut squash topped with root vegetable slaw, Gorgonzola, fried kale chips & chunky applesauce on a Kaiser roll.                                               Beer Pairings: Unicorn Killer, Star Chicken Shotgun, Jadis


Shout to Blake, Joey and the rest of the guys in the kitchen for bustin’ their asses on the regular to get food out in record time and always keepin’ it quality. Also, for all the hard work, time & effort they put into the new menu. Enjoy!


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